Action Thrives

Action Thrives ensures that homeless people with disabilities have access to stable housing, case management and the resources necessary to live as independently as possible. We recognize that some of our neighbors who are disabled will need financial and relational support indefinitely. Our services empower people who have complex challenges to manage their lives with greater stability, autonomy and dignity.

More than 40 percent of America’s homeless population are people with disabilities. These individuals often rely on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments, which provide an income 44 percent below the federal poverty level. This makes it difficult for these individuals to retain permanent housing or gain access to the services they need.

Action Thrives ends homelessness by:

  • Providing permanent, stable housing in one of our residence communities in Atlanta and Augusta.

  • Offering residents long-term case management designed to educate and empower them.

  • Coordinating on-site service partners who provide health care, counseling, mental health services, addiction counseling and community-building activities.

  • Connecting clients with mainstream benefits and disability coverage.

  • Encouraging clients to complete at least 15 activity hours per week to help maintain their health and build community with other residents.

This program includes Welcome House in Atlanta and Maxwell House in Augusta.


If you believe you are eligible for this program but Action Ministries does not serve in your community, please contact your local United Way / 211 line to find programs in your area.

Eligibility: Adults with physical and mental disabilities