Action Empowers

Rapid Rehousing – Housing First Initiative helps people transition out of homelessness and regain self-sufficiency.

Action Empowers, through our Rapid Rehousing initiative, guides individuals through the process of rising above homelessness and poverty to become independent and self-sufficient. Action Ministries partners with clients who are at risk of becoming homeless or currently experiencing homelessness to identify and secure safe, affordable housing. Clients are provided with the necessary long-term, wraparound support to keep them stably housed while they work to regain their self-sufficiency. Action Empowers places special emphasis on strategies that build on each family’s strengths and experiences and on making connections to services and resources such as counseling, educational enhancement, employment and career services, life skills classes and more.

Action Empowers ends homelessness by:

  • Identifying and securing safe, affordable housing for individuals and families who are at risk of becoming homeless or who are currently experiencing homelessness.

  • Providing intensive case management and individualized coaching in addressing particular barriers to self-sufficiency.

The combination of housing and supportive services allow our families to succeed both in our program and beyond.

Do I qualify?

To learn more or find out if you are eligible, call 404-881-1991, ext. 5608 (intake line) or 888-206-7372.

  1. You must be an individual, family or unaccompanied youth, aged 18-24, who is at imminent risk of becoming homeless or who is currently homeless.
  2. You must demonstrate a need.


If you believe you are eligible for this program but Action Ministries does not serve in your community, please contact your local United Way / 211 line to find programs in your area.

Eligibility: Families and Individuals