Inspirational Stories

“I cannot tell you how much our students are enjoying their SuperPacks each week. They anticipate the bag each Friday and tell me everything that’s in it. They get so excited about the cereal packs and talk about how they share them with their siblings”.

School Social Worker

“Congratulations to you and the Action Ministries team! Please keep up the great work … our kids need you”!

Shan Cooper Vice President & General Manager Lockheed Martin – Marietta

“This was an eye-opener for me. I didn’t know just how many families live for long periods of time at extended stay motels. It’s truly a whole different level of poverty”.

Michael Cook, SRG Global, partner in service

“Action Ministries paid my electric bill so our power wouldn’t be shut off. I couldn’t believe they’d want to help my daughter and me like that”.


“They are so respectful to everyone who walks through their doors. They have an attitude of service, and they ask for nothing in return”.

James, Action Ministries Athens client and psychology student

“When I lost my part-time job last fall, I panicked. I was barely getting by as it was, and I had two kids to support”.

Elaina, WCK guest and volunteer