A Message from the CEO

Dear Friends,

Action Ministries begins its 57th year with a renewed commitment to walk with our neighbors in need—share a warm meal, help a family move into their own home, and equip a child with tools that help turn dreams into reality. We have had the extraordinary privilege of working with thousands of volunteers and partners to feed, clothe and house more than 100,000 people in over 50 counties across Georgia. Our endless hope for better tomorrows continues to fuel our work into the future.

For this reason, it has been a true blessing in my life to have served alongside the gifted and selfless staff at Action Ministries. On the brink of a new year and the organization’s next chapter of community impact, I am passing the baton of leadership to a new CEO, whom the Board of Directors are strategically searching for with the help of an executive consulting and search firm. In turn, I will be relocating to continue my work with Catholic Charities in West Tennessee, confident in the strength of our programs, encouraged by the resolve in our teams, and excited about the lives to be changed in the coming year.

I am especially looking forward to the impact of our new flagship campaign, #EndHungerPeriod. While our presence and work across Georgia has grown larger than it has ever been, food insecurity and childhood hunger remain present for one in every five kids and one in every three kids living in rural communities. This equates to thousands of children in our own state who have no idea where their next meal might come from, who struggle to focus in the classroom, who often fall behind in reading, and as a result, who are at a much higher risk of incarceration in early adulthood and unplanned teen pregnancy. Our vision is to therefore eradicate hunger and eliminate food insecurity for 10,000 kids in Georgia over the course of five years. We want to see the kids and families in our communities thrive in ways they have never known before—but we need your help.

Would you consider making a New Year’s resolution to help End Hunger Period? Here are just a few ways you can help:

• Sponsor a school through your business of place of worship;
• Volunteer with family or friends to provide, serve, and/or pack meals;
• Sign up to help tutor kids after school and bridge achievement gaps;
• Locate an #EndHungerPeriod food bin and donate food;
• Help bring awareness to the realities of food insecurity online and in person.

It has been a true privilege and honor serve along side you at the Greater Atlanta community for nearly 20 years, and I plan to watch from afar the amazing things to come from this amazing organization that we all have grown to love. Thank you for your continued support and generosity to Action Ministries, because together matters and giving is truly receiving when done with love.

Kelley Henderson