Who Taught You to Give?

As we approach Mother’s Day this Sunday, May 10, we at Action Ministries are mindful of our role in connecting Georgians with hearts to serve to their neighbors in need. For many of our staff members and volunteers, I know giving was taught to them at a young age. The teachers, often our mothers and grandmothers, passed down a legacy of giving and service simply by living their lives in a self-sacrificing and others-focused way. Giving was vividly illustrated in our homes by daily example.

How many times were we told to share our toys, to think of others before ourselves, to apologize to our siblings, to give away a portion of our allowances, to remember that it is better to give than to receive? It is a lifelong process to learn to deny ourselves and to serve others. Our mothers are often the ones who first teach us that worthwhile lesson, and what joy and satisfaction the lesson of giving can bring, when it’s learned well.

This week, as you consider the women in your life who have mothered you — be it a biological or adopted mother, a stepmother, grandmother, aunt or simply a woman of great influence in your life — consider what she taught you about giving, and how you intend to pass the lessons down to the next generation. Thank your “mother” on our Facebook page and share with us how she taught you to give, so that others may be inspired by her this Mother’s Day.


John R. Moeller, Jr.

President and CEO


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