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Americans spend half our lives at work, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to stay socially engaged with our communities and our world. We care deeply about issues like hunger relief, housing and education in Georgia. We care about our neighbors in need, and we want to make a difference where we live and work.

The folks at Action Ministries know your time and resources are precious. We make it simple–and fun!– for corporations and organizations to build strong teams through helping others.

To explore “Volunteaming” options for your organization, contact:

Marlon Allen

Development Director, Corporate Relationships

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Walmart Foundation engages in “opportunities that align with the Walmart Foundation’s key areas of focus: Opportunity, Sustainability and Community. Globally, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation gave $1.4 billion in cash and in-kind contributions during fiscal year ending Jan. 31, 2015. And, we did it one grant and one community at a time.”

Walmart Foundation has partnered with Action Ministries since 2014 to fund the nonprofit’s Smart Lunch, Smart Kid program. The grants – which were given through the Walmart Foundation’s State Giving Program – have supported the Action Ministries program that provides nearly 250,000 healthy lunches, enrichment activities and mentoring opportunities each summer to children in neighborhoods where they live.

“Thanks to our many volunteers and partners like the Walmart Foundation who provide substantial funding support, Smart Lunch, Smart Kid has been able to expand each year,” said John R. Moeller, Jr., president and CEO of Action Ministries. “There is a tremendous need for this program because we know a child’s mind does not stop growing during the summer. Their access to healthier meals should not stop either.”

“The Walmart Foundation is excited to support Action Ministries’ Smart Lunch, Smart Kid summer program,” said Glen Wilkins, director of public affairs and government relations at Walmart, last summer. “Walmart and the Walmart Foundation are committed to helping support programs that provide meals and educational opportunities to underserved children to create a positive impact in their communities.”

The contributions to Action Ministries were made possible through the Walmart Foundation’s Georgia’s State Giving Program (SGP). Through this program, the Walmart Foundation supports organizations that create opportunities so people can live better. The Walmart Foundation’s State Giving Program strives to award grants that have a long-lasting, positive impact on communities across the U.S.

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