Thanksgiving: Just the Name Speaks Volumes

Thanksgiving – just the name of the holiday speaks volumes! THANKS, a reminder to all to be thankful for ALL that has been given to us, and GIVING – of ourselves, to others, whether through a handshake, a smile, serving a meal, lending a listening ear to a friend in need.

I believe we are called to practice THANKSGIVING all year long.

With great anticipation I look forward to the month of November and Thanksgiving. I truly do not think about Christmas until all of the Thanksgiving leftovers have been consumed. I strive to dedicate my heart and mind to practicing Thanksgiving during the month of November. Various trees all over town are making true spectacles of themselves as they turn vibrant orange, red and yellow! It’s just a beautiful time of year. And I enjoy that we (hopefully) take the time to appreciate and be THANKFUL for the many, many things we have to be thankful for – whether that includes good or improving health, family and friends, food on our plates, employment opportunities, a warm place to call home, a roof over our heads.

GIVING of ourselves is probably the best and brightest gift we can share with others. Whether giving is mentoring or tutoring a child, preparing and serving a meal at one of Action Ministries’ food kitchens, making a financial contribution to help a family struggling to pay their rent or utilities, delivering a SuperPack of food for a child to enjoy over the weekend, helping a family as they settle into perhaps their first home after being homeless – Action Ministries has a myriad of ways that people can take ACTION – and GIVE of themselves to serve others.

Interested in volunteering your time—or making a financial donation to ensure a Georgia family has a bountiful table this Thanksgiving? We would love to have you on board as a Life-Changer in your community.

Thanksgiving … a beautiful word that brings many happy memories to mind, personally, but also one that hopefully nudges me to be mindful of being THANKFUL and GIVING of myself in service to others.

Happy Thanksgiving,


Tamara Richardson

Area director, Action Ministries in Covington



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