Small Investments Lead to Big Impact

4Recently, I spoke to Leah Cunningham, pastor at Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church in Social Circle and one of the two churches in Newton County instrumental to bringing a new Action Ministries location to their area. She wanted to tell me about Smart Lunch, Smart Kid at Covington Mill. She said that it’s been a very good experience in the first year, and that there have been a number of lessons learned along the way.

What struck me was that they started with three children the first week of the summer. They are now regularly feeding nine children. When I asked her if she felt like it was worth the effort to only serve nine children, she emphatically said, “Yes! Why, we’d have done it for three!”

This is a small church partnering with another small church to serve children in a historic mill village. Rather than making all the lunches ahead of time, they just make them right there and allow the kids have some choice.

No effort is too small to be meaningful.

It’s meaningful for the volunteers. It’s meaningful for the children, and it’s helping build relationships in the community. The good news is that Leah can already imagine it growing from this year to next!

It serves as a great reminder to me and all of us. Every effort is to be valued and appreciated, and no effort is ever too small. Thank you to all the Life-Changers who supported Smart Lunch, Smart Kid this summer! Your efforts are meaningful, and they are making a significant impact in all the communities you serve.

P.S. The final numbers are in today from Action Ministries’ Smart Lunch, Smart Kid program in the 18 counties we served: 242,517 lunches! Big impact? You bet!


John R. Moeller, Jr.
President & CEO

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