Shop at Publix and Help Action Ministries Feed the Hungry, Nov. 3-23


When 1 million kids in our state are food-insecure, we want to do something about it! And our partners do, too. Publix is a longtime Action Ministries partner, and they generously support nonprofits that focus on youth education, alleviating homelessness and reducing hunger.

You can help relieve hunger in Georgia by shopping at Publix on Nov. 3 – 23 and making a donation to the Food for Sharing campaign.

The money collected will be used to purchase food for families in need. Publix has teamed up with local food banks and pantries throughout the Southeast to receive the food at the end of the campaign.

Customers have three recipes to choose from a Food for Sharing display, near the registers. Each recipe consists of some of the most needed nonperishable items, as identified by Feeding America. Recipe donation amounts are $4.67, $10.46 and $13.74, which is added to the customer’s bill at checkout.

Behind the scenes, Publix prepares products in whole cases and arranges deliveries to local participating food banks across their operating areas. These food banks receive damage-free products in cases, ready to distribute to in-need families. Since 2009, Publix customers have donated more than $25 million to food banks through Food for Sharing. 

Thank you, Publix! You are Life-Changers!

Publix Food for Sharing website

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