On the Road Again to Drive Out Hunger

At the end of April, my colleagues at Action Ministries and I traveled the back roads and interstates of the Peach State engaging Georgia car dealers as they work to address a real problem in their local communities – hunger. We are partnering with the Georgia Automobile Dealers Association (GADA) to Drive Out Hunger in the month of May.

It was such a joy to travel to places where peaches, blueberries, peanuts, onions and all manner of livestock thrive. It was fun to pass through gorgeous antebellum towns that Sherman spared on his march to the sea. It was breathtaking to see the Golden Isles and smell the salty air and then make my way to the Rose capital of Georgia in Valdosta. I drew inspiration from the skyscrapers and massive infrastructure that have made Atlanta a bright and shining centerpiece of the South.

We met all kinds of different people on our road trip, but a common thread ran through them all.

In every single community, I met people who care deeply about their neighbors.

The GADA auto dealers are friendly, professional and courteous. Their building and showrooms are beautiful, not to mention the gorgeous new cars — I  love new cars! But one of most unique things about them? They know everyone in town! They know the preachers, bankers, lawyers, business professionals as well as the grocers, police officers, farmers and educators. Georgia’s auto dealers are major employers, and they help drive progress in their communities. 

Because they know everyone, Georgia’s auto dealers care about their communities, and they are willing to share their resources. You can always count on them to raise money for cancer research, sponsor ball teams and outfit Scout troops.

In May, Georgia auto dealers are helping to Drive Out Hunger by making generous contributions to bring much-needed hunger relief to their communities. In addition, they are raising awareness of the hunger needs of their neighbors by sharing the unfortunate statistic that 1 out every 4 of their neighbors is food insecure and that the need is more pronounced during the summer when kids are out of school. And finally, they’re inviting their customers to join them in their efforts!

My road trip to meet Georgia car dealers encouraged me in my belief that a small group of committed, compassionate individuals can make a huge impact on poverty in our state. And I was reminded, yet again, why Georgia is such a wonderful place to make a living and a home. 


John R. Moeller, Jr.
President & CEO
Action Ministries, Inc.

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