Turning the page in Georgia.                                                      

At Action Ministries, we have the unique privilege of hearing amazing stories every day. Stories of tragedy and triumph. Stories of struggle and strife. Stories of compassion, healing and grace. The ink that runs through these pages is the strength of the human spirit to survive and overcome. Georgia has the third highest poverty rate of any state in our nation. Those are the raw facts, but behind the numbers are hundreds of thousands of stories. Stories of real people: Families, children, veterans, volunteers, employees, companies, congregations, neighborhoods and communities. Hear their stories below and learn how, together, we empower people to turn the page in the story of their lives.

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I AM a Survivor

After a lifetime of working construction and owning my own business, I found myself “houseless” and looking for work at age 59. With degenerative bone disease in my hips and back, I was in excruciating pain and could hardly walk. No one wanted to hire me. Read more…


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I AM a Mom

I witnessed a lot of violence and drug abuse in my family when I was growing up. I started using crystal meth when I was just 12 years old and dropped out of school in the eighth grade. When I came to the Transitional Housing program, my kids had been taken from me.  Read more…


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I AM a Life-Changer

Action Ministries Board member Robert Forrest is a lifelong partner in service. He has made a legacy gift to our organization through the United Methodist Foundation, which ensures that the life-changing services that he is passionate about will continue to happen for many years to come. See the video…




Ginger Cashin serves cake to the children at the My Sister’s House Shelter, Atlanta, as they celebrate two birthdays. Cashin, a parishioner at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Atlanta, coordinates the Children’s Programs for Action Ministries Atlanta, a 50-year-old nonprofit serving the poor and homeless throughout Georgia.

I AM an Educator

Some may see it as simply math help. For me, it’s much more. It’s justice everyone is called to do. Charity is feeding the homeless families, but it’s justice to help them get an education. The education is what’s going to lead them out of poverty. Read more…



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I AM Moving Forward

All I knew how to do was build houses, and that market was shut down. I just watched everything fall apart. I was basically at a dead end. I said right then, “I’ve got to get my education.”   Read more…




I AM a Giver

Penn Worden had an unusual request for his 12th birthday. What if, he asked, the money his friends spent purchasing gifts for him went instead to help a kid in need? Read more…




I AM Helping Kids Like Me

When we first met Roderick, his family was homeless in Atlanta. He and his sister participated in our Children’s Program, and Roderick attended 20 different schools before he finished the fifth grade. Now, a few years later, he is a college student searching for ways to impact the lives of kids growing up in poverty.  Read more…

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