My Kind of People: Driving Out Hunger With GADA


Recently, my wife Laurie and I looked forward with great anticipation to the Georgia Automobile Dealers Association annual convention in Amelia Island, Fla. We knew without a doubt we would enjoy this time with our partners in the Drive Out Hunger campaign this summer.

However, what did surprise us was how the GADA members and their families attending the annual convention invited us into their lives and extended the warmest hospitality. We expected the common courtesies to be extended, but the authentic kindness and extension of friendship exceeded our wildest imagination. We were struck by the affection of the members and their families with each other. On several occasions, we observed all ages of children, playing with each other, with the older teenagers looking after the younger ones. We instantly felt like we were at home among this group. In fact, we commented on the evening of the banquet that we felt like we had been to church with dear friends.

Having been around the block, and having worked with groups across multiple industries, in all my years I’ve never seen a group that is more kind, thoughtful, caring and fun-loving as the GADA dealers and their families.

I am profoundly grateful for the generous support that the GADA provided to Action Ministries to help us Drive Out Hunger in Georgia in this inaugural year, providing nearly 200,000 meals, but I am more deeply touched by the breadth and depth of character of each and every one of its members who attended the convention.

You are my kind of people! Thank you for your warm welcome and embrace. We look forward to going deeper with each and every one of you in the months and years to come as we seek to help each other accomplish our mutual goals of prosperity and community transformation.



John Moeller

President & CEO

Action Ministries

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