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Current Opportunities 

Prepare and/or serve lunches at the following locations during Christmas Break: 


Please note, if you are 18 years of age or older and will be interacting with the children in our communities, you must complete a background check

please complete this background check.

Menu and Meal Preparation Guidelines


  • Monday: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, a healthy snack, a fruit, & water or 100% fruit juice.
  • Tuesday: Ham & Cheese, a healthy snack, a fruit, & water or 100% fruit juice.
  • Wednesday: Turkey sandwich, a healthy snack, a fruit, & water or 100% fruit juice.
  • Thursday: Ham Sandwich, a healthy snack & a fruit, & water or 100% fruit juice.
  • Friday: Turkey & Cheese sandwich, a healthy snack, a fruit, & water or 100% fruit juice.

Preparation Guidelines

  • Ensure that the preparation area is clean and sanitary
  • Wash your hands and wear gloves when preparing the sandwiches
  • Pre-mix peanut butter with the jelly before spreading it on the bread
  • Use only whole wheat or white bread for the sandwiches
  • DO NOT use condiments
  • Put prepared sandwiches into Ziploc bags (not fold over bags), then place bagged sandwiches back into the bread bag and secure with a twist tie
  • Keep the sandwiches refrigerated or in a cooler until they are delivered to the host site
  • Put all of the other lunch items into the lunch bag, except for the water bottles.

Tips and Suggestions

  • You are more than welcome to decorate the lunch bags! Make it fun!
  • Please keep extra treats (i.e. candy, small toys etc.) separate from the lunches. They will be handed out separately.
  • Ideas for healthy snacks include pretzels, trail mix, cheese crackers, peanut butter crackers, etc. It should be something that’s low in sodium, oils or artificial flavors.
  • Fruit snacks are fresh fruit, dried fruit, apple sauce, or fruit cups.
  • You can choose to include either a water bottle or 100% fruit juice box. If you donate water bottles, please do not place in the lunch bags since they can tear the bags and damage the sandwiches. We will serve the waters separately.

Volunteer Matching Gift Opportunities

If you volunteer with us, your company may also offer a volunteer grant program. Matching gifts and volunteer grants are an important source of revenue for the ongoing operation of Action Ministries. Click here for more information.

Be a Life-Changer Volunteer!

Contact Amy Olvey, program director for hunger programs, at 678-469-6215, or aolvey@actionministries.net.

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