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Hunger is not a problem most of us closely associate with our neighbors in the United States, judged around the world as the “land of plenty.” Relatively few of us know what it’s like to put children to bed hungry or undernourished, and few know the feelings of defeat and hopelessness that come with being unable to provide all of our children’s basic needs. Action Ministries hunger relief programs relieve people of the burden of searching for their next meal, enabling them to shift their focus from daily survival to finding a lasting means of supporting themselves and their families.

We fight hunger in Georgia with these tools:

  • Smart Lunch, Smart Kid
  • Feed the Hungry Food Boxes
  • SuperPacks
  • Community Kitchens
  • Community Gardens
  • Food Pantries

The Hidden Hunger Problem: Action Ministries Responds

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Donate to Hunger Relief Programming Today

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