I get to show my children that a mother’s love is greater than meth.

We ARE … Action Ministries Housing

We lead people out of poverty in Georgia by helping families and individuals transition from homelessness to housing. We provide the support and stability to help people across the state rise above the cycle of poverty to lead healthy, independent lives.

What causes homelessness?

Many circumstances can lead to homelessness: job loss, trauma, mental illness, addiction or even physical disabilities. These are issues that we could all experience, and ones that many of us have. So when do these crises spiral out of control and result in homelessness?

I feel like the program gave me my life back. I would tell others: Reach inside yourself. Stop looking for a hero, because you are your own hero.

Oftentimes the answer is that the individual or family doesn’t have a support system to turn to for help. That’s where Action Ministries steps in. We end homelessness, one household at a time, by providing housing and putting supports back in place. We help people rebuild their lives, regain their dignity, and finally come home.

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