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Action Ministries Northeast and Our Daily Bread Community Kitchen were established in 1989 to provide hunger relief to the Clarke County homeless and working poor. We now serve 64,000+ meals each year and offer transformational services and educational opportunities.

Action Ministries has been a bright light shining in the dark world of homelessness in Athens. They have personally helped me to become a better advocate for the homeless by helping me gain resources and by being a source of positive communication. Everyone at Action Ministries makes it their personal mission to assist people in need in any way they can.

~ Victorie, Athens community member

It’s the help I get…food, clothes…things I can’t fully take care of on my own. By coming here, it helps me feel healthy. If I didn’t have this, I wouldn’t have enough to eat. I come here to eat and feel nourished. They have been very helpful.

~Carmen, Our Daily Bread Community Kitchen guest

A big thanks to volunteers Taylor and Bill. They were excellent in helping me be sure my resume was appropriate and professional.

~Tony, client who utilized the computer lab at Action Ministries Athens



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