Volunteer Stories

I-AM-bubbleA Life-Changer!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Action Ministries and the foundation of our capacity to transform lives. Our volunteers are ordinary people doing extraordinary things, which makes them Life-Changers in our book! We are proud to share these volunteer stories and hope they will motivate your company, group, organization or congregation to take action in your community.

If you have a Life-Changer volunteer story, email it to communications@actionministries.net.



I AM Sharing My Passion

Lara Smith-Sitton volunteered at Breakthru House for years, helping out in any way she was needed. In 2014, the college writing instructor took her passion for reading and started a book club with the women in recovery. Read more …



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I AM Taking Action

At Gas South, we believe in helping those in need. To us, it’s more than just writing a check — it means taking a hands-on approach and having a continuous presence in local communities. Read more …





I AM Still Serving 

Elizabeth Westbrooks, 83 and a retired Fair Street Elementary lunchroom lady, said she was excited about the opportunity to help feed children over the summer because she missed seeing and feeding students every day. Read more …



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I AM Sharing the Feast

Jesus knew the power of the table, of a shared meal. He was always eating, with prostitutes and tax collectors, in private homes and among crowds of thousands. I’ll never forget when Dr. Don Saliers, in my worship class at Candler, said, “Jesus loved meals so much he became one.” Read more …



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I AM Teaching Kids

Monica Peiffer first began serving at Action Ministries Atlanta’s Children’s Program when she was in high school and volunteered with her family on Saturday field trips. “I’ve learned so much from the kids about teaching, loving them and helping them know they’re smart,” she said. Read more …


gas south challengeWE ARE Taking Action

The competition heated up when Cumberland-based Gas South’s executives challenged executives from Atlanta Gas Light in a race to pack the most lunches for Action Ministries’ Smart Lunch, Smart Kid program in two hours. The companies aimed to assist the more than 400,000 children in metro Atlanta who qualify for a free or reduced-price lunch, but lose access to that crucial meal when school is out for the summer. Read more …



I AM a Volunteer

Even though I had a very small part in it, helping to send Jane off to college has had a powerful effect on me. Somehow she represents all the children we may have helped along the way, and her success is a bright light at the end of a long tunnel. We’ve helped because we can, or because someone has helped us, because we’re grateful to have the resources to help others, or we’re “paying it forward.” There is no wrong reason for doing the right thing. Read more…