Leading the Way: What Kids Teach Us About Selfless Giving

My next-door neighbor, Penn Worden, just celebrated his 12th birthday two weeks ago. He came to me and asked if, in lieu of gifts, he could direct gifts to Action Ministries. He asked which of our programs he could describe in an email to his friends and their parents that would resonate with them. I suggested our new Food Box Initiative because we have partnered with local organizations to make food boxes available to several schools in the county where Penn lives. I told him it was possible that even kids from his own school could benefit from this program, and the Food Box Initiative is just one of many housing, hunger and education programs that Action Ministries operates across Georgia.

Penn went to Snow Mountain on his birthday and took several buddies with him. In lieu of presents for Penn, his friends brought financial gifts for Action Ministries to the tune of $225! Way to go, Penn!

I learned a few lessons from this event:

  • Action Ministries has a compelling story to tell.
  • People are willing to give when asked by a trusted friend who cares about a cause close to everyone’s heart.
  • Even young children can make a huge impact on the mission of Action Ministries.

It’s truly awesome to me that Penn raised funds, as well as awareness for our cause, through his compassionate and selfless efforts. I’m grateful to Penn, his friends and all of our faithful supporters who give to advance our mission of mobilizing communities to address the challenges of poverty in Georgia by focusing on hunger, housing and education. Thanks, Penn!


John Moeller Jr.

President and CEO, Action Ministries



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