Go Without Knowing 

Enjoy this guest blog by the Rev. Angela Johnson of Action Ministries Housing. She serves and helps homeless veterans and families find permanent housing. This essay appeared in the Oct. 10 edition of “Monday Morning in North Georgia,” a publication of the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church.

As we talked, I realized that Jessica and I are the same age. She had just told me about having been to Texas, Florida, and Alabama trying to flee from her violent spouse. As a result of fleeing, she ended up homeless in the Metro Atlanta area. With tears in her eyes, she looked at me and said, “Rev. Johnson, I am scared, homeless with three children, and God left me in Alabama. I have slept in my car, hotel rooms, and I go without knowing what might happen to my kids and to me.”

As Jessica, her children, and I sat in the middle of a fast food restaurant, I listened to her story and provided words of assurance. I told her that the battles you are to fight may be too mighty for you, but you need not fear. With God on your side you are more than able. It will not be by your strength, but by His that victory will come. Be assured there is no weakness in God.

I left the restaurant feeling heartbroken.

I wrestled with the thoughts that this could be me. I am 30; I could have three children and be homeless. I thought of all the people who are homeless in the Metro Atlanta area. While I am sleeping comfortably in my bed, there are people sleeping in their cars, on the streets, and in shelters. Too often our homeless brothers and sisters go without knowing where they will end up or what will happen next.

“Go without knowing…” This phrase from Genesis 12:1-9 reminds me of the journey that Abram went on. On the journey, he had some struggles, had children, and grew old before God sent him a son with Sarah (his wife). “Going without knowing” means we must learn how to trust God in any situation that we encounter and to trust that God is with us.

Serving my brothers and sisters who are without a home has opened my eyes to so much. Every day I re-learn what it truly means to have FAITH and TRUST in God. Each time I listen to a story, I am learning how my homeless brothers and sisters “go without knowing.” Sometimes when we find ourselves in a place we did not want to go, we learn to truly trust God!

When is the last time you truly trusted God and did something that you doubted you could do?

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