GED Prep Classes in Athens Help Break Down Barriers to Overcoming Poverty

board-361516_960_720One of the ways that Action Ministries helps those in the Athens community is through our GED preparation classes. These classes are designed to assist our client-partners in preparing to take the GED or to just become more confident in the subjects of math, science, reading and social studies.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, our students and volunteer tutors come into the office to diligently work through these subjects, taking practice tests when they feel ready. Action Ministries provides access to practice tests, pencils, paper, calculators and GED prep books free of cost, so that these students are set up for success when they come in and only need to be concerned with showing up and learning the material.

Some students go above and beyond and take their work home, really dedicating themselves to the class. For students who have a financial need, Action Ministries also assists them in paying for the GED test; we want all of our students to have the chance to obtain their GED, no matter their financial situation. Some of our students choose not to take the GED test, which is still okay; the confidence and pride in mastering subjects we see in our students is an incredible outcome as well!

A few of our students are getting close to being able to take the GED test, working quickly and confidently through the four subject areas and preparing for their practice tests that will lead up to the actual test. One of our students who is planning on taking the GED test in October 2016 said that she started coming to Action Ministries’ GED prep classes to not only get more help with achieving her goals, but also to better understand science and English. Since starting the classes in July, she’s grasped the concepts of social studies and science and is feeling more and more comfortable with all of the subjects as she moves closer to taking her practice test. She hopes to use her GED to get into college and obtain a part-time job, and Action Ministries is so excited to see where her GED takes her!

“If I can encourage someone to do the same thing, I would,” she said. “I would like to thank everyone for helping me and for taking me in, and I won’t forget Action Ministries.”

To become a volunteer tutor for the GED classes and help our students achieve their goals, please contact David Kobe at Action Ministries at (706) 353-6647 or Tutors are needed Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 9 to 11:30 a.m.

This guest blog was written by Maddie Swab, a fourth-year social work student at the University of Georgia. Maddie is a BSW intern for Action Ministries Northeast in Athens, where she assists with media relations and the Our Daily Bread community kitchen help desk, among other daily duties. 

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