Change the Game: Tackle Hunger in Your Community at Super Bowl 50

GoFundMe-Header-Final-web-versionAction Ministries invites our Life-Changers to tackle hunger in their communities at the 2016 Souper Bowl of Caring.

This year, let’s make our Super Bowl celebrations count! The Souper Bowl of Caring connects Super Bowl celebrations with local opportunities to tackle hunger in communities across the country. This year, you can support Action Ministries’ life-changing hunger relief efforts by participating in our version, which will raise funds for clients in the communities we serve.

There are three routes to Touchdown at the Action Ministries Souper Bowl of Caring:

Champion Team

Motivate your congregation to take up a Souper Sunday collection on the Sunday prior to the Super Bowl (1/31/16) to feed the hungry your community. Collect $500 to provide 1,000 meals for hungry families! Donate below.

MVP Team

Fill a soup pot with $250 at your Super Bowl 50 party to provide a guest in our community kitchen with a daily meal for nearly a year. Donate below. 

Fantasy Team

Donate $50 to help us feed a mother and child for three months. Donate below.


Life is full of reasons to celebrate.

This year, Change the Game by tackling hunger in your community, and make this Super Bowl one to remember!

Donate at

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