R9B-2015-Annual ReportWe Are Life-Changers: Changing the Story by Breaking the Cycle

Action Ministries Inc. is a nonprofit that provides an extensive network of community partners and volunteers with the tools and expertise to lead fellow Georgians out of poverty. By meeting basic needs of hunger relief, housing and education, Action Ministries removes barriers that prevent thousands of Georgians from breaking the cycle of poverty and realizing their potential.


We believe every person has sacred value and is worthy of respect and compassion.

We believe in the potential of people and the resilience of the human spirit.

We believe that conducting ourselves with integrity in all that we do provides a firm foundation upon which we build and innovate for the future.

Mission and Vision

Action Ministries mobilizes communities to address the challenges of poverty by focusing on hunger relief, housing and education. We envision communities in which the cycle of poverty is broken and everyone has the tools needed to reach their full potential.

At Action Ministries, we have a hands-on approach to caring for our community’s most vulnerable citizens.

When we see neighbors in need, we take action …

  • A child is hungry, and we provide a nutritious meal.
  • A family is homeless, and we offer shelter and support.
  • A veteran struggles to adjust to civilian life, and we reach out with a helping hand.
  • A struggling individual seeks a brighter future, and we connect her with educational resources.

We start with meeting these basic needs, and we end up transforming lives …

  • With food in their stomachs, children can learn and grow.
  • With a roof overhead, families can take the necessary steps toward stability.
  • With support networks in place, veterans can share their strengths and talents with others.
  • With the right education and life skills, people can become self-sufficient.

Our vision is to break the cycle of poverty and ensure that everyone has the tools they need to reach their full potential. In recent years, we have become much more strategic in our pursuit of this goal, building a strong organizational infrastructure and focusing on best practices and key programs that can be replicated statewide. Under the direction of President and CEO John R. Moeller Jr., Action Ministries has become a leader in assisting people in need and mobilizing communities to tackle the challenges of poverty.

Action Ministries has developed a dynamic and highly effective model that leverages volunteer hours, philanthropic support and in-kind contributions to achieve greater results through an extensive network of community partners and volunteers. We provide the tools and expertise to lead people out of poverty and work hand-in-hand with churches, Scout troops, community groups, local businesses and countless others. As a result, we have a reach far beyond many other nonprofit organizations.

Every client served, every volunteer engaged, and every friend of the organization is an important part of the Action Ministries family.

Together, we make a difference in the world by leading people out of poverty.

Through Action Ministries Inc. sites located in Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, CovingtonGainesville, Decatur, Rome, and programs such as Housing, Feed the Hungry and Smart Lunch, Smart Kid, we enable our partners to play a more vital role in their local communities. Action Ministries programs help our vulnerable neighbors in need lead more independent lives.

Our volunteers come from varied backgrounds, including congregations, businesses and community organizations. This support helps make it possible for those in need to thrive in their newly transformed lives.

Founded in 1963, Action Ministries is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit registered as a charitable organization in the state of Georgia.

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