A Message from Our Kids: Small Deeds Make a Big Impact at Action Ministries this Summer

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This summer, the Life-Changers at Action Ministries …

  • Brought 242,517 lunches to our neighborhoods so we wouldn’t be hungry. Yum! They also brought books and educational activities, so we were ready to start school in August with our friends.
  • Helped 84 of our families* get out of homelessness … forever!
  • Sent 40 low-income or homeless kids to summer camp! That was fun!
  • Inspired us at the Children’s Program and Women’s Community Kitchen! They talk about us going to college, and we love going there to get help with homework and a hot meal. (Our moms love it, too!)
  • Fed our families at community kitchens, food pantries and with food boxes in places all over north Georgia. They make sure our tummies are full so we can learn and grow!

* (Transitional Housing clients over 12 months)

Download: Small Deeds Make a Big Impact!

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