11Alive’s Julie Wolfe Blogs About the Mission of Smart Lunch, Smart Kid: Fighting Childhood Hunger

Julie Wolfe is the Director of Social Media at 11Alive News.

Being a mom is amazing. And hilarious. And frustrating. Often all in the same moment.

Mornings so far this week have been filled with hide-and-go-seek, Tupperware parties, laughing, crying, and flying food. Lots and lots of flying food.

All before 7:00 a.m.

In my everyday hurry to get to work not covered in that food, I take it for granted.

One in four children in Metro Atlanta are food insecure. Most of them are from working families. They are children like my daughter. They are growing, thriving, needy kids. And, those needs are about to hit critical mode.

Those kids qualify for free lunch at school. But what happens when school is out?

It’s why Action Ministries launched Smart Lunch, Smart Kid.

“The way to a child’s heart is through a sandwich,” CEO John Moeller said. “Lunch is a social time. We are telling these kids they matter. We are not forgetting about them. We are not leaving them behind. We believe they have a brighter future.”

We agree.

Read Julie’s blog post here.

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